1. Why is arena recalling these items?
Recently we received a message from a consumer reporting the detachment of a small piece of material from the inside of the tube of a Swim Snorkel Pro II. The incident did not cause any harm. As a result of the report, we took immediate investigative action, discovering a second potential issue with the black version of the mouthpiece of the Swim Snorkel II.

Although the incidence of the defects appears to be extremely low, consumer health is a top priority at arena, so we are treating it very seriously, taking all necessary precautionary measure to prevent any potential risk to the health of our consumers. We therefore decided to recall and replace 100% of those parts of the snorkel potentially presenting problems: the tube of the Swim Snorkel Pro II and the mouthpiece (black version only) of the Swim Snorkel II.

2. What is arena going to do about this?
Once you have registered at the dedicated page on the arenawaterinstinct.com website, arena will contact you to get your information in order to send you the replacement piece within two weeks of your request. In the meantime, please keep your snorkel part(s) with you. When you will get your replacement part(s), you will also receive a label that you can use to return your defective part(s) to us for free. If you complete this final step when prompted, you will receive a gift from arena.

3. What do I have to send back to arena?
You only have to return the defective part to arena: the Swim Snorkel Pro II tube or the Swim Snorkel II mouthpiece (black version only). Please do not return the entire product as we are only replacing the defective part.

4. When will the recall and replacement be done?
The first step involves registering on the dedicated recall web page, following which we will contact you in order to arrange for delivery of the replacement part within two weeks. Please be assured that we have assigned top priority to keeping you posted on progress of the recall & replacement. arena truly appreciates your patience and cooperation in this matter, and will send you a small gift as a token of our thanks.

5. How can I check if my arena Snorkel is one of the recalled models?
Please take a look at the photos on the website and check your snorkel against the product codes and snorkel colours displayed on the site.

6. I have an arena Swim Snorkel which is NOT among those that have been recalled. Is it safe to use?
Yes, it is 100% safe. If your snorkel is not one of those listed on the recall web site, it is free of defects.

7. When will arena arrange the courier pickup of my defective part?
Once you have received the replacement piece, arena will contact you to arrange for the pickup of the defective piece.

8. Can I go to an arena store to request a new, defect-free replacement part?
We are also taking back affected snorkel parts at all stores; it will take time to ensure a full replacement for these items as well. The quickest and easiest way to receive your new part is to complete the procedure on the website, and wait for the spare part to be delivered directly to you by arena.

9. I have received the new tube and I see a new item code printed on it: did I receive the correct spare part?
Yes, it is the correct spare part. The new item code will allow us to better track completion of the replacement procedure.

10. The courier has not shown up yet / I have been waiting for delivery for some time; how can I get an update?
Please get in contact directly with customer service (help@arenawaterinstinct.com) to check on the status of the delivery.

11. Can I change the delivery address to receive the spare parts?
Please get in contact directly with customer service (help@arenawaterinstinct.com) to see if it is still possible to change your delivery address.

12. My snorkel is new (never used, with full original packaging), can I change it for another arena product?
If you would like to change a new item for another product, you will need to contact the store you bought it from.

13. My snorkel is almost new (used a few times), can I change it for another arena product?
We’re sorry, but that’s not possible. Please follow the procedure on our web site to register and receive the new, defect-free spare parts.

14. I am a retailer; do I have to register on the website to manage my stock?
No, the website is dedicated to the replacement of spare parts for individual end-consumers only. If you are a retailer, please get in touch with an arena sales representative and/or the normal arena customer service in your country in order to arrange for the return of your stock to arena.

15. I looked into the tube/mouthpiece and did not see any pieces of material. Can I still continue using the snorkel and skip the replacement procedure?
When present, the defects are very difficult to see. For your safety, we recommend that you STOP USING YOUR SNORKEL IMMEDIATELY and register for the replacement, regardless of whether you think your tube/mouthpiece is defective or not.

16. I am a swim coach/coordinator and have been charged with processing the replacement of defective parts for several of our swimmers who have the Swim Snorkel II or Swim Snorkel Pro II. How do I go about request replacement/pickup of defective snorkel parts for multiple swimmers?
Unfortunately we are not processing collective requests, each swimmer will need to request their replacement part individually.