Swim Snorkel II & Swim Snorkel Pro II Replacement

We have discovered a fault in some units that may pose a potential health risk.
Please check to see if your snorkel is defective (see how to do so below), and if so, stop using it immediately - your safety is our number 1 priority.
If your snorkel is defective, follow the procedure below and we will send you a free functional replacement part.

What happened?

Recently a customer reported the detachment of a small piece of material from inside the tube of a Swim Snorkel Pro II (001969). The incident did not cause any harm, but we took immediate action and also discovered a potential issue with black mouthpieces of the Swim Snorkel II (001970). As a precautionary measure to prevent any potential health risk, we decided to inform our consumers and replace the affected product parts. We sincerely regret this incident and are taking it very seriously, following through on all necessary steps to prevent any further risk. Your safety remains our highest priority. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
arena is launching updated versions of the Swim Snorkel II and Swim Snorkel Pro II with a different product code, where the defective parts have been fixed to ensure their safety and functioning.

Check to see if your snorkel is defective and get your free replacement part(s)